Sony’s PS Vue on Roku is Really Bad


When PS Vue raised their rate to $45 for their “core” plan I was already eager to dump the service. YouTube TV had recently launched, but wasn’t yet available in San Diego. YouTube TV was charging $35 for roughly the same package. I’m not fussy – except for that the Golf Channel had to be included.a-timeline-of-the-crazy-events-in-the-sony-hacking-scandal

It really wasn’t all about price. To say that PS  VUE’s interface and customer service was unfriendly was an understatement – it was downright hostile.The PlayStation website seemed to include VUE as an afterthought.

At one point there was a payment issue because I had changed credit cards. I received this email:

Your subscription ended due to payment failure

Dear greg,

This e-mail message is to notify you that your subscription to Core (Core (Subscription)) has ended due to payment failure. Be sure to save a record of this message for future reference.

Not “please restart your subscription so you can continue…”.   My subscription was “ended”. Adios. Goodbye! Don’t call us we’ll call you.

Now wouldn’t you think there would be a link in that email to quickly reset the payment info and restart? Nope.It was like starting from scratch as a new customer to recover.

I tried to log-in to the website and find my VUE account to no avail. Sony seemed to think I had a Playstation and wanted to load some random amount of money into my “wallet”.

There were other issues in which the Sony suddenly claimed I had no active account even though payment had just been made. There was a recover link on the TV that was invalid and would redirect to some other page. This happened several times and I’d always spend 30 minutes  trying to find the correct URL myself.

Don’t get me started on the interface. To be fair, I was using VUE via Roku, and from what I’ve read this is the worst combination. It really is bad. Sony VUE on Roku appears as a grid of square icons that can not be sorted into a list with more details. A future show looks the same as something live. None of the recorded items have dates.

So far YouTube TV has been much easier. To be fair this is apples and oranges. YouTube TV works via a Chromecast and you use your smart phone like a remote. But so far Google’s superior search and sort ability are much friendlier.

Good luck Sony.

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3 Responses to Sony’s PS Vue on Roku is Really Bad

  1. Len Mullen says:

    Told you so!

    Of course, the real problem is that the programming is bad.

    • Yep you did. It met my criteria for cheapest streaming with Golf for a while. And I already had a Roku.

      Anyway, happy Thanksgiving Len and good to hear from you. This is like old times, commenting across the blogosphere during the holidays.

      • Len Mullen says:

        Always watching to see what you think. Monday, we are going to get cheap OTA TiVos (when are you going to get an antenna), next year, Channel Master is introducing a new OTA/OTT toy, and it won’t be long before pay tv comes to an antenna near you! This should be fun!

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