Streaming MSG and Jeremy Lin


The real story here is  what was Time Warner Cable thinking not to resolve their issue immediately. It appears that Governor Cuomo himself had to get invovled. With the Knicks’ Jeremy Lin becoming a global star, fans are getting downright pissed. 

As noted by myself and others, live sports is really Cable/Satellites strength. And this is the one thing viewers are willing to pay for. Apparently fans were looking for sports-bars to watch their beloved Lin. That would be sports bars utlizing Verizon’s Fios or perhaps Cablevision. My old standby, Wiziwig, is showing a stream for today’s Knicks vs Indiana Pacers game here.  I’m stunned this site hasn’t been shut down actually. I’ll check back to see if it actually works.

Anyway, the MSG network is not offering any kind of internet option that I can see.  But if they wanted to entirely bypass the Cable/Satellite operators it might have been an opportunity. One step closer to the holy grail of everything on demand and a la carte.




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