Streaming the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Viewing the basic made for USA version of the Olympics should not be a problem this year. After all, NBC will be broadcasting – their version. But think back to London 2012 and you may want to try an alternative.

Sochi 2014  courtesy Christine Rondeau flickr

Sochi Entertainers
photo: Christine Rondeau flickr

NBC was universally slammed for editing out the opening ceremony tribute to victims of the 2005 London terrorist attacks.  Showing instead some fluffy Ryan Seacrest interview exhibited extreme arrogance and condescension by NBC.

That may have been the opening blunder that spurred thousands to search online for the BBC alternative. BBC has one site with all the Olympic content available for free,  compared to NBC which requires a pay TV subscription for access.

The BBC stream is not available outside the US but as I reported in Streaming the 2012 Olympics you can easily get around that by using a proxy. Once again I’ll be downloading Expat Shield. Check back for updates and let the games begin!

Update Friday Feb 7, 2014:

Many of my friends over at reddit are raving about the Canadian coverage claiming it is superior. More interesting is the suggestion to use a service called hola! a VPN proxy that claims “Used by over 14M people, Hola lets you enjoy any site from any country”. Hola looks interesting and possibly easier than Expat or other proxies. When you enter your website of interest it suggests multiple countries and VPN’s to try.

Screen capture from CBC's Sochi coverage

Screen capture from CBC’s Sochi coverage


NBC Stream (cable TV subscription required)

BBC Stream

CBC Stream

hola! (use to unblock BBC and CBC)


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2 Responses to Streaming the 2014 Sochi Olympics

  1. Len Mullen says:

    We have to get you an antenna 😉

    • Greg says:

      I have one. The NBC version really isn’t that bad this year form what I’ve seen. They may have turned down the fluff a bit even.

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