Streaming the 2014 Super Bowl: No Problem for (most) Cord Cutters

Unlike  some other high profile TV events ( e.g. Oscars, Olympics) streaming the 2014 (XLVIII )  Super Bowl is not an issue – FOX will offer it freely. But why is FOX being so generous, and not requiring our cable credentials?

Super Bowl Bound: courtesy Joe Parks flickr

Super Bowl Bound: courtesy Joe Parks flickr

My theory is  that this most highly watched event  already saturates the broadcast and cable market. With so many viewing parties the Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday and anyone who wants  to see it can do so.  Streaming it to mobile devices for free just maximizes the additional revenue opportunities.

In addition, offering the streamed version for free gives FOX more control over the  so called “second screen” –  a mobile device  used for social interaction during live TV events.  Today’s  most popular second screen application is  no doubt twitter. But twitter doesn’t have many advertisements and the few it does have are not controlled by FOX or the NFL.

Despite the fact that  the NFL is streaming the Super Bowl for free this year  I don’t recommend it as your primary source – especially if you are hosting a big party. I’ve heard too many stories about streaming glitches, buffering problems etc.  even with legal network sponsored events.  Aereo is included in this category, so I would not sign up for that service just to get the game.

Yet I  know there are people beyond range of a FOX broadcast. If you consider a quality viewing of the Super Bowl  important, my choices in order of preference would be:

1. Watch at a friend’s house who has Cable.

2. Watch at a sport’s bar – preferably one with a good party going on.

3. Use the official stream, and connect your PC to your TV.


I’d love to hear your plans for viewing Super Bowl 2014 in the comments. And are you betting on Seattle or Denver?


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