Streaming the Superbowl – Correction on ATDHE!

A few posts back I listed three sites that seemed most reliable for watching NFL over the internet:,, and, the first two were shut down and replaced with this strange warning from ICE. ATHDE has been around for a long time so I’m wondering if the timing here has to do with Super Bowl 45.

The New ATHDE?
In any case ATHDE has already moved to My thanks to contributing author Zac Wassink on Yahoo Sports. for letting us know.

Justin TV is still there but that was not one of the best spots to find streaming NFL. And if anyone finds the new home for channelsurfing  drop me a note.

Just after I posted this on Twitter I’m being advised that is fake and we should be using ATDHE.WS

Indeed seems to be forcing the user to do a download – highly suspicious. And I am able to watch College basketball on the .WS site. Go there.

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