Super Bowl Bust: ICE and NFL Working Together


Well, it looks like my little theory about the FEDS and the NFL forming a team was correct. Last time the news  was about the shut down of illegal streaming sites. Today the story is the shutdown of  more than 300 domains suspected of violating NFL copyrights by selling counterfeit merchandise.

Again I question the timing. Is DOJ concerned more about the law, or lost profits here? They apparently were able to use civil rather than criminal law to shut down the sites, even before having to prove in court that the merchandise was counterfeit. You have to give the NFL credit for protecting their profit margins.


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2 Responses to Super Bowl Bust: ICE and NFL Working Together

  1. da man says:

    This is out highly effective AG Eric Holder at work again. Remember the recent failure of legislation to enforce copyright protections largely supported by the entertainment industry? Well, if ya can’t get em through new laws, get ’em through existing laws. How nice of the US govt to pick and choose which laws to enforce. Side benefit: new campaign cash fron entertainment industry.

    More to follow…

    • admin says:

      Thanks for commenting. I’d agree we have the same forces at work here that tried so hard to get SOPA through congress.

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