The Cord Cutter and American Idol, and The X Factor, and The Voice


The good news is as a cord cutter you won’t miss any of this singing competition reality trifecta.  The bad news – might be the same.

The original, American Idol, now in it’s 13th season is on FOX. Copy cats The X Factor and The Voice are on Fox and NBC respectively. All easily accessible over the air.

In it’s heyday Idol was huge, peaking in my opinion around season 8 when Adam Lambert was in the running. That Idol brought us Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood is impressive. The X Factor and The Voice have not produced any similar successes.  And American Idol’s ratings have been consistently falling.

Kelly Clarkson  800 vagueonthehow Flickr

Kelly Clarkson courtesy vaugeonthehow Flickr

So is this TV at it’s worst? Take a popular show and beat it to death by repetition and replication? I think so.

Let’s start with the premise, that this is a “real” and open competition. If American Idol went to a big city and staged auditions based strictly on singing ability what you would end up with is 10 or 20 really excellent high caliber voices.  There is  lot of talent in the world and it’s not hard to find if you really look.

Would you get people auditioning that are absolutely tone deaf? Nope. But those are entertaining, so the producers put them in the lineup on purpose so we can get more  “funny” contestants. The problem is year after year the joke kind of gets old. And so does it become more obvious that the show you are watching is formulaic.

But the networks find it easier to repeat what works and will milk this to death until ratings disappear.  For proof look at the ratings of Surivor another reality show which was huge and on it’s way down. I believe these formula reality shows are in the category of “willing to give up” for many cord cutters.

For the producers of American Idol,  The X Factor and The Voice I offer a suggestion, for which I demand no compensation, other then to acknowledge where it came from. Keep your three shows running. But the finalist from each should meet in a grand finale, in essence the super bowl of  voice reality. Call it “The American X Factor Voice.” I think we’d tune in for that.



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5 Responses to The Cord Cutter and American Idol, and The X Factor, and The Voice

  1. Thomas Celina says:

    Funny idea for a finale.

  2. Teresa says:

    Really bored by American Idol, too many seasons. X Factor sped up their whole selection process this season. Seems like you’re missing huge part of process. The Voice has great group of talented judges that mesh well. Voice has entertaining singers, but I agree with you that the winners seem to disappear.

  3. Len Mullen says:

    One night I was watching For the Boys with Bette Midler. She sang a song called Stuff Like That There. I really liked the song and headed to google to find it. I did — it was Kelly Clarkson on Idol. I had never seen the show and had never heard of Kelly Clarkson, but I fell in love. I have yet to watch the show.

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