The Cord Cutter and “The Client List”: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sketchy Content Websites


As a cord cutter I seldom worry about what is on The Lifetime Channel. And this show is one I didn’t even know existed until I became curious why suddenly Jennifer Love Hewitt was trending on Yahoo. It seems the very risque series was canceled after only two seasons and we don’t exactly know why.

The Client List Amazon

Legal streams of The Client List are available from Amazon.

So of course this quickly became the subject of my latest Cord Cutter case study. Looking for streaming versions produced some interesting results:

First stop:  The Lifetime Channel official site. No dice. The only offering here was:   Watch “The Client List” Videos.  Stingy Lifetime is not offering any full episodes.


Next stop, of course is good old Hulu. Same deal – only video clips. But wait! This is interesting. Hulu has a comments section and check out what user Beth Carpenter has to say:


Beth Carpenter · Housekeeping at Carriage House Inn

Hulu plus is a waste of money. Just saying. You can go to other websites and watch this show and many more for FREE…go to or both are really good website where you can watch your favorites for FREE!!!
Reply · 5 · · March 21 at 10:28am


So I decided to check Beth’s recommendation and jumped over to Sure enough, you can watch The Client List  for free from that site. Compared to some of the other sketchy sites we’ve seen for sports, i.e. Front Row, watch-tvseries is not actually that awful.  But Caution! These freebie websites seem to exist for the main purpose of getting you to click weird links and downloads. Don’t download anything you see here. No you don’t need to update your media player.

And if you Google “”, toward the end of the search results you’ll see this:

In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s)

That complaint  is to Google, and lists and a whole host of what appear to be sister sites as infringing on content.

The whole thing reminds me of the Napster days when any audio track you could think of was available for free on Napster.  Napster was soon shut down. But the cat and mouse game between content producers and sketchy content share sites continues …

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7 Responses to The Cord Cutter and “The Client List”: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sketchy Content Websites

  1. Bob says: and, and are also very good. As I’ve said, install adblock and no pop ups or asking you to download anything. domain is for sale and not working.

  2. Greg says:

    Hey Bob, I was thinking of you actually when I wrote this post. What’s in your opinion stopping all these sites from getting shut down?

  3. Len Mullen says:

    You should seriously consider the implications of being linked to these web sites. We know NSA, Google, and others have been watching and we remember the ridiculous lawsuits the courts allowed in the days of file sharing. Is it really worth the risk given the damn-near-free legal alternatives? Maybe I’m just getting old, but $8/month to Netflix or $79/yr for Prime seem to be better solutions.

    • Bob says:

      Since no one has ever been arrested for streaming content from these sites, I don’t think one has to worry, every once in a while they clamp down on someone for uploading content. Netflix and Hulu actually advertise on these sites. I had Netflix, but why wait up to a year to catch up on a series when I can watch the latest episode the next day, without commercials? Plus Netflix still uses dvds for certain shows and movies, I’m done with dvds. And Prime doesn’t mean you have access to all the content, you still have to pay for the best stuff.

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