The Cord Cutter Channel Plan Calculator

I’ve put together a spreadsheet with the most popular cord cutter options to provide a simple overview of choices and costs.

Deliberately omitted is the cost of internet connectivity (required of course) and the many  individual sites that sometimes stream. Please comment on what you would like to see added to make this more useful. If you would like  to customize you can  download a copy here. Happy Cord Cutting!


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2 Responses to The Cord Cutter Channel Plan Calculator

  1. ajc says:

    I purchased a Winegard FlatWave indoor antenna back in November and finally “cut the cord”. Saving over $100 a month and with the antenna and some online video streaming there’s not much I miss.

    I’ve been looking into a good way to DVR off the antenna. Trying to decide between a Roku box, Boxee, etc.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment ajc. Does the FlatWave seem to pick up most of the local channels? I’m a big fan of Roku for it’s simplicity.

      Regarding the off-air DVR , Channel Master used to make one, but I think that one went out of production. Then there is Tivo bu that involves a monthly fee. Please report back to us on what you find.

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