The Cord Cutter Guide wishes you a Happy Halloween (Samhain)


OK so this might be a stretch as a topic but Halloween is one of my favorite holiday’s and this blog is my only vehicle. So I’ll try and tie the two together.

One of the things that most fascinates me about Halloween is its ancient roots. The holiday goes back near 2000 years to a Celtic holiday which was considered the end of the year.


carved turnip head @irarchaeology twitter

carved turnip head courtesy: @irarchaeology twitter

Samhain was considered a time when spirits would more easily mingle with the living. Our modern traditions of wearing costumes and trick or treating all derive from this ancient pagan day and variations along the way. Our American Jack-o’lantern originated in the tradition of carved turnips which were much creepier (and more difficult to carve).

The fact that  our modern October 31st still bears resemblance to an ancient pagan holiday is amazing.

Meanwhile how should a cord cutter celebrate?  I recommend passing out treats of course to the little tricksters who have no idea they’re carrying on an ancient Celtic “New Year’s Eve”.  If you have one of those portable fire pits put it in the driveway and invite the neighbors over for a glass of beer or wine. Bonfires were a big part of Samhain.

Much later of course, you can turn on Netflix and look for a scary movie or two.

Happy Samhain!



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  1. Teresa Scott says:

    Creepy turnip! Like the idea of a bonfir in the front. Fun facts

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