The Golf Channel and the Cord Cutter

If you like golf, and have cable, one of the nicest ways to chill out with stress free viewing is with  the Golf Channel. Many of you can’t relate I’m sure but I put FoodTV and  Golf Channel in the same category. These are great to watch at the end of the day when you just want to relax without being reminded of the world’s problems.

But what about cord cutters? The Golf Channel is a cable channel so forget about picking it up over the air.

First stop Roku. Unfortunately the Golf Channel is not on Roku. Roku does however  list a couple of golf related channels:

1. Sportskool Golf, which is a channel that offers golf tips. But $2.99/month? That’s a lot for a single channel don’t you think?

2. Super Stickman Golf, but this is a game not a channel of live golf. This is is also $1.99/month.

Next stop Hulu Plus. I would prefer to  watch on my TV, not my laptop, and since Hulu Plus  enables that via  Roku I check it first.  Going over to the Hulu Plus’ awful search content page  (no keyword search option) I browse over to the G’s and see no golf related content at all. Can that be right?  That’s OK. Hulu Plus would be another $8/month.

What about plain old Hulu?  This site is friendlier. I type “golf” in the search window and find  Golf Tips with Joe Beck, Inside Golf Magazine,  and Golf Digest Equipment Special. Most of these are short clips, not the long content I’m looking for. I note that the Joe Beck show is apparently also on Hulu Plus (“Subscribe to Hulu Plus to watch this show on your TV and mobile devices”), but the others are not. So apparently the Hulu site has more golf content than Hulu Plus. And probably  more content in general! See this interesting discussion about getting the free version of  Hulu  on a Roku.

Well what about good old Netflix? Nope. They offer a few golf related movies (which I dump into my queue) but no Golf Channel. Not surprising given Netflix’ limited streaming library.


photo: Mark Ashman of Golf Channel

OK then.  How about the Amazon video library? Again they have some interesting looking  golf movies, but no Golf Channel episodes.

One last hope. The Golf Channel itself. maybe they offer streaming of some of their shows. Yes! They offer many including this one from Big Break Atlantis. You know that show about attractive golfer girls competing in this reality style series. So back to the old standby of connecting my laptop to the TV.

Do you have a better idea for watching GolfChannel as a cord cutter? Let me know in the comments below.

Update 4-15-13:  I was intrigued by this comment by David Carr in this NYT article.

“But a funny thing happened on the way to the clubhouse at Augusta, Ga.: I took a detour. The Masters app, which let me omnisciently check the leader board, scan for my own highlights and toggle between specific groups or holes, sucked me in.”

Had I known the app was that good I would have downloaded it. Anyone else try it?

 Update 1-4-14:  See  new post: Watching the Golf Channel without Cable: Cord Cutter Ethics


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21 Responses to The Golf Channel and the Cord Cutter

  1. Travis says:

    I’ve been wanting to watch live streaming of The Golf Channel on my Roku ever since cutting the cord. I’ve sent a few messages to The Golf Channel asking them to develop the app (it would be pretty easy) and would even be willing to pay for the access to a live stream. The already do offer HD streaming of their shows, just need to get somebody there to realize the money they could make if the offer a Roku app. Nice article though! #cordcutter

    • Greg says:

      Hi Travis,
      You could probably used one of the more advanced techniques: Plex or PlayOn to get Golf Channel on to your Roku. But that relegates it to the tech sector of users. Thanks for the feedback.


      • Travis says:

        Thanks Greg,

        Unfortunately I don’t see any Plex channels as of yet (but there is a request there with a few people interested). PlayOn doesn’t work for Mac (unless I wanted to use a virtual machine, which I really would prefer not to). I’ll keep looking and post any updates if I can figure out an alternative. Thanks again for the response (sorry for just seeing it today)!

        • Greg says:

          With the masters in full swing (pun intended) today was a good day to catch up on this post Travis. The Golf Channel would be a good one for Cable to experiment with going a la carte, don’t you think?

  2. Kimberly Marks says:

    My husband wanted me to get a subscription for The Golf Channel over MLB channel, no such thing. 🙁

  3. Hugo Aguilar says:

    there is some private Roku channels like nano and this can stream low res full golf channel and many other content

  4. nosuch thing says:

    Check the Nowhere TV channel on the Roku. In the past he has set up channels for the major golf tournaments……..Masters, US Open and possibly others.

  5. Spencer says:

    Ok so now how can I view The Golf Channel without Cable, recent Cord Cutter, Thanks.

  6. Tim says:

    I used a Chromecast device and was able to stream the Golf Channel live from my laptop to my TV, although the streaming was rather slow. That might be just my wireless network. You need to sign into your cable provider’s site in order to stream content. Not quite the same as a native ROKU option. I heard that there is some way to cast to a Roku device but I haven’t tried that yet

  7. Anuj Varma says:

    How about the pgatour app – lets you stream most events for $6 / mo. To go from your iOS device, just use apple air play – perfect hd quality straight to your tv screen.

  8. I find no way to stream the golf channel in its entirety. The app picks the group to follow for you. What I mean is watching the golf channel just like it shows on cable. I don’t thing it is available. Would love for someone to prove me wrong. This is my sole reason not to cut the cable cord.

  9. As an aside, do you guys find the Golf Channel becoming annoying with WAY too much talking heads and not enough golf shots? I’m talking about “Live from the Open”

    • Travis Fortney says:

      heh, I have no idea because I can’t find a way to watch the golf channel! Joking aside, I have watched it on other’s cable and do agree that it is moving away from actual golf and more into an ESPN-esque talking head. I’d be fine with this if it was Feherty all the time but most of the time (from what I’ve seen at least), it is people I’ve never even heard of.

  10. Jeff Williams says:

    NBC sports app is the closest thing I can find, they stream all the tournaments that the golf channel is airing but do stream everything that comes on the golf channel.

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