The Interview


Merry Christmas Cord Cutters!

My favorite story of 2014  – only tangentially related to cord cutting – is the #SonyHack. This story has a bit of everything: espionage, Hollywood gossip, technical hacking, freedom of speech issues  – you name it. More later but in any case at the time of this writing the movie “The Interview” (that may have started the whole thing) is just going online. Not very Christmasy I admit, but maybe good fare for late in the day. Here is a link to the release on YouTube.


There are a few other streaming options including one set up by SONY itself, This would make it seem that North Korea no longer has the ability to take control of SONY’s data. Interesting.

Other sites for viewing:

Google Play

Xbox Video

I can only wonder why Amazon and Netflix are not getting in on this.







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