The Newsroom – Enjoy This Freebie from HBO

It’s not often that HBO gives us something for free. In fact many recent stories discussed how HBO would never cut their ties to Cable for business reasons. None the less, as a promotion,  HBO has decided to provide the entire first episode of  their new show “The Newsroom” on multiple streaming sites including and YouTube.

Newsroom is an Aaron Sorkin creation, the same guy who brought us recent hit movies Moneyball and The Social Network. I’m watching this first episode right now and find it to be quite compelling. Sorkin sucks you in with his characters and dialogue.

Screen Capture from YouTube

Will I sign up for HBO to watch it? Probably not. Will HBO put more episodes on line for free? Almost definitely not. In any case cord cutters sometimes need to catch what they can when they can.

Here is the YouTube stream for The Newsroom.

Or if you prefer you can watch The Newsroom on HBO.



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  1. I wish that I could see every episode, I loved the first!

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