The Saga of GamePass and Ad-free time: Free NFL streaming from the Netherlands?


When I want to learn about the latest, possibly gray area, cord cutter techniques I jump on over to the cordcutters section on redditt. In fact redditt is a wealth of real time, crowd sourced information on thousands of topics. Be careful or you’ll find yourself sucked in for hours reading about “NSFW” (not safe for work) threads.

The topic at hand is another technique to get free NFL streaming. There is a service called Game Pass intended for users outside the USA to stream games. Prices vary by country but one peculiarity of the service is that Game Pass is FREE in the Netherlands.

US style football not as popular in the Netherlands. photo gnews pics flickr

US style football not as popular in the Netherlands. photo gnews pics flickr

A ha – you and all the techy cord cutter crowd says in unison. If I could trick Game Pass into thinking I’m in Amsterdam I’m home free.

Along comes Ad-Free time, a service that allows the user to reroute to an  Ad-Free time DNS.  Ad-Free time mostly talks about “NetFlix Region Switching” but users soon figured out that selecting Netherlands as their region would provide access to the free GamePass stream. Unfortunately so did the NFL – and blocked IP’s from Ad-Free time and others from the service.

Back to  reddit for a solution, people were quick to jump to alternate VPN services. But in  a kind of  Whac-A-Mole game the NF would just block those too. It’s interesting that  in the official Ad-Free time forum on reddit  one of the principals of the service warns users to stop mentioning their VPN’s in public.

What’s next? Perhaps Ad-Free time  will figure out a way to keep one step ahead of the NFl. Of course how important is it to give free Game Pass to the Netherlands? I suspect the reason it’s free there is there is little demand for US style football.

In any case Ad-Free time is only $2 per month. I’ve signed up  to see how it works with Netflix.  Let me know if you’ve tried this or anything similar in the comments below.

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5 Responses to The Saga of GamePass and Ad-free time: Free NFL streaming from the Netherlands?

  1. Augustine says:

    Using the Tor network, it’s possible to specify the exit server, or the server from which it’ll look like where you’re from. The problem is that most of such exit servers are known and many sites block them, including (why the Gov wants to know my iP address is beyond me).

  2. Greg says:

    Have you tried Tor + GamePass?

    I can guess on the question you pose. With the colossal problem the government website handling the traffic, screening out any ineligible users might be a good idea.

    • Augustine says:

      I was using an exit server in the US. No, the Gov wants to log a personally identifiable IP address. Again, why is beyond me, or rather, given the recent revelations of the spying apparatus on the American people, I can assume that this is an convenient way to collecting detailed personal information associated with an IP address.

      I’m left to my imagination about the possibilities of identifying thousands of records in NSA databases with such personal information… OK, tinfoil hat off now.

      • Greg says:

        Look at the bright side. If you ever lose your data due to a hard-drive crash you can always request a back-up from the NSA!

        • Augustine says:

          Our greatest protection from the NSA spying is that it’s probably run like the DMV anywhere in America. It would probably take two months to get a backup from seventeen months before.

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