Tweaking the Aim of my Mutli-Directional Antenna

During my first week or so of cutting the cable I had only one issue. Channel 6, aka FOX, aka Super-Bowl channel was intermittent. This could have been a disaster. With some trial and error I discovered that my multi-directional antenna had definite directionality. I live in San Diego where TV signals come from multiple sources. My first thought was to try and “split the difference” between broadcast towers. See the map from

“A” represents channel 69/FOX coming from 19 miles away and B represents channel 6/CW coming from Tijuana 25 miles away.

I originally aimed the antenna in the general south-west direction to split the difference. That was a mistake. D and C were coming from nearby Mt. Soledad and those signals came in at 100 bars”. But 69/Fox was intermittent. The rule I discovered (at least for my location) was “aim toward the weakest stations”. I ended up splitting the difference between A and B, the weakest (furthest) stations and now get everything perfectly.

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