Washington Post piece on DIRECTV NOW -“Cord Cutter’s Dream”

According to Wapo AT&T is about to launch “DIRECTV Now” at $35 per month. Quoting from the article:

“AT&T’s offering will come with roughly 100 TV channels in a “fat bundle” of both on-demand and live programming. In other words, customers will have access to what could become a robust stand-in for cable TV, for $35 a month.”

The article goes on to explain how this is a better deal than PlayStation VUE or Dish’s SLING.

What’s intriguing is that CBS won’t join the lineup. That indicates some real disruption going on.

Fierce Cable and others report a major launch event in NYC on Nov 28th. Does doing it on Cyber Monday mean they are taking orders? Also from the same Fierce Cable piece – what do you mean it won’t be availbe on Roku?

And DirecTV NOW has this skeletal website that is only taking names.


I hope that this is the beginning of a streaming Cable price war.

AT&T is about to unveil what may be the cord-cutter’s dream

Update Novo 28 12:43pm PST. Adding the YouTube Launch Event

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10 Responses to Washington Post piece on DIRECTV NOW -“Cord Cutter’s Dream”

  1. Len Mullen says:

    No CBS? I watch CBS (Nfl, sitcoms) more than most of the DirecTV channels…oh…wait…I don’t know what the 100 channels are (Adweek has a poster that lists the popular channels here: http://www.adweek.com/news/television/att-unveils-pricing-and-channel-lineups-its-directtv-now-streaming-bundle-174821). And the price STARTS at $35. That’s for 35 channels. 100 channels will cost $60/month — PLUS the cost of high speed internet (it’s $35 for a ‘limited time’). I’m not an HBO/Skinimax fan, buy $5/month is better than the alternatives. DTVNow supports two concurrent streams. Sling TV supports one stream for Orange and three for Blue. PS Vue supports five concurrent streams One PS4, one PS3, and three other devices).

    Have fun.

    • Greg says:

      Let’s admit this is NOT cord cutting it’s cord trimming at best. At worst it’s simply the big video service providers shifting to a streaming mode and trying to convince us they’re on the cord cutting bandwagon.

      Did everyone forget about our old mantra a la carte ? I’m somehow offended by the titles AT&T chose for the lineups. I don’t want to “GO BIG” and I don’t want to say, what was it, “GOTTA HAVE IT ” ? just to get the golf channel.

      And as long as pricing is approaching traditional cable, you know what ? I’d rather have a dedicated channel on a coax or fiber and not a flakey intermittent stream.

      • Len Mullen says:

        Never one of the a la carte crowd. I decided to take DirecTV Now for a ride to get an Apple TV. I’m in Day 3. I’m using a Fire TV stick. Amazon says my gen 1 Fire TVs are not compatible.

        Most of the day, quality is very good, but, during prime time, there is insufferable buffering. I guess that is part of being part of a very popular live beta.

        Tech support is worse than terrible. Chat has never been available. Forum support is poor.

        But I expect all of these situations to improve and there is lots to like. You have to start with the value of the program — $35 for 109 channels is very reasonable. These are all ‘real’ channels — no digital music or public access. Most of the channels are live and on demand. I don’t know what the actual quality of the image is, but it looks very good on my 720p 43″ television. No DVR yet, but trick play works on most channels.

        DirecTV Now is no substitute for a premium provider, but DTVn plus an antenna are … or will be once the bugs are worked out.

  2. Len Mullen says:

    If you are in the market for an Apple TV, this is pretty irresistible. Pay $105ish for three months and get the ATV for free — try to buy one for $105ish (I did get one for $102, but this is still a good deal). NOW, if you like the service, the $35/month price continues. BETTER, if you are an AT&T mobile customer, streaming to your phone does not cost data.

  3. Greg says:

    I know this is pretty anecdotal, but one new user on another forum I read (golf) is already having trouble streaming AND having major trouble reaching customer service. What a shock.

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