Watching Blacked out NFL Games with Internet Streaming

UPDATE Nov 2012: For a more up to date list  see our general page on streaming sports.


Earlier in the year I posted  about the banning of some of the more well known sports streaming sites like ATDHE and

As suspected at lease one  new sports streaming site has emerged:

I’m testing it right now and it’s streaming smoothly both video and audio for the ESPN NFL Countdown show (image shown). Resolution is just OK , not up to Hulu standards. I suspect this originates from some anonymous Sling Box.

Expect this site to vanish also in this cat and mouse game. The general technique is to Google “NFL Internet Streaming”, sort through the results and test them. The Chargers Bills game is listed here on the Wiziwig site. I’ll be giving it a try in about 4 hours.


PS: If you know other live working sites please share them in the comments. And don’t forget to check out for more tips.

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5 Responses to Watching Blacked out NFL Games with Internet Streaming

  1. bob says:

    I keep recommending this site,, watched the Jets game on it on Sunday as it was on the CBS affiliate in NYC, but not on the local station.

  2. GNS says:

    Don't know Bob. That site is so filled with ads and tricky links to every where else. I can't really recommend it or tell if it works. Looks like a good way to catch malware.

  3. cjack says:

    This (watching sports) is the only thing keeping me from canceling my cable. Also, i use Verizon Fios to watch ESPN3 – how would a cable cord cutter watch ESPN3 content?

  4. bob says:

    GNS, I use it all the time, my pc is clean, I just dont go to videos that require an extra plug in or download. cjack, espn3 is available free to anyone that has an internet connection. If you cut cable you won't be able to watch sportscenter and some other stuff, but will be able to watch a lot of live sports, nba, college hoops and football, etc. and Sunday and Wed. nit baseball, all their tennis coverage…it goes on.

  5. GNS says:

    OK Bob, I'll give it another try since you seem so confident.

    Cjack, you have to take your internet from one of the ESPN partners. These partners are basically any one the video providers around. So in your case if you took just internet service from Fios and not the video channels it would work.

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