Watching NFL Blackout Games at a Sports Bar


So it looks like we just barely sold enough tickets to see Chargers vs Ravens on broadcast TV this Sunday night. Never mind, I was all set to watch the game either way. Last week I reported how the emergence of a new site (and I’m sure there are more) allowed us to once again watch our favorite NFL games over the internet.

I could have just connected my IBM Thinkpad to my TV and watched that way. But I felt like going out. Sports bars generally don’t use bootleg streaming techniques but some do. The NFL has actually gone after some and threatened big fines.

However my local pizza joint, Joe’s Pizza, doesn’t seem to worry about that. Not sure which stream Joe uses but he also figured it out. So I was able to order up some pepperoni pizza and beer (OK, a few beers) and watch the Chargers kick Buffalo’s ass. Thanks Joe!

Photo: teamstickergiant on flickr

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