Web only content and “The Streamy Awards”


While searching for some new cord cutter content I came across the “The Streamy Awards”, an organization devoted to the best of web only  video content.  Still in its infancy, these  awards are only three years old .  Do a search and you’ll find awards for 2009, and 2010,  but not for 2011. Apparently something went terribly wrong during the 2010 presentation.

The good news is the new backing by DCP, Dick Clark Productions, which will hopefully get this back on track.

Streamys or not, there is some interesting  web video content available today. These streaming only titles tend to be mini episodes on the order of five minutes or so.  Many are professionally acted and directed , but what make them more interesting is that content can be a little more adventurous than what you’ll find on broadcast or cable channels.

For a good list I suggest strating with the 2010 award winners. I like the drama “Compulsions”  (embedded below) but be warned this is an intense series with some disturbing scenes.  For something a bit lighter try the comedy “Between two ferns” , a hilarious parody of the  intellectual talk show interview.


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