Why NFL Sunday Ticket should be on Roku and not just on PS3


As if I had any influence, I am asking the powers that be over at DirecTV and the NFL  to make a big change.  Bring NFL Sunday Ticket to the Roku.

First off don’t drop the PS3. There are something like 12 million of these consoles in the USA vs only 2.5 million Roku’s. So for homes that already have the PS3 , this streaming  option makes a lot of sense.

But consider the new customer that has nether a PS3 nor a Roku. A new Playstation 3 will set you back about $250.00.  A new Roku on the other hand, only about 60 bucks. That extra cost of a PS3 along with the subscription cost for Sunday Ticket will deter a lot of potential customers.

PlayStation 3

And if I’m going to buy a set top to watch the game, and I’m not a gamer, do I really want this big bulky thing and a  controller that I’m not even going to use?  The Roku is tiny and easier to set up because all it was made to do is stream video. Not to even mention the dozens of other free channels that come with it.


But is Roku/NFL even a possibility? At the time of this writing we are still  in a heated debate about whether or not Sunday Ticket will even return to PS3 in 2012. So I’m not getting my hopes up. Outside of this website, I do see a new discussion over on the Roku forum with a lot of people speculating on the 2012 season.

The Roku HD

Spec-wise these two should perform about the same. Both have HDMI outputs capable of 1080i.  I have a Roku of course, and I have used the PS3, but not for streaming. I’d welcome your input below in the comments if you have used the PS3 as a streaming set top.








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5 Responses to Why NFL Sunday Ticket should be on Roku and not just on PS3

  1. Brian says:

    I just got off the phone with DTV “new service” department, who “assured” me that there is no way to have Sunday ticket on a ps3 without a DTV subscription. I know this is false, because I had it on my ps3 last year. Any word on availability date on ps3? DTV customer service is obviously incompetent, completely clueless.

  2. Dave says:

    DTV is a load….I dumped them after 7 years of wasted $ and went the way of the ROKU last year and haven’t looked back, however, I do miss my NFL Sunday Ticket. With regards to the incompetency of the customer service department at DTV, that’s a given and always will be. Remember you are dealing with a bunch of script reading monkeys and that’s that. NFL Gods need to be summoned and give PS3 and ROKU as well as other streamers access to our Sunday love………Football…

    • admin says:

      Sunday Ticket would be great on Roku. There just isn’t as many Roku’s in circulation yet and I think that’s why PS3 gets it.

      • jj says:

        True, but if you consider the demographics of PS3 owners and Roku owners, I imagine there would be close to the same number of subscribers to the sunday ticket. I am not a gamer, so don’t own a gaming device. I do own a Roku streaming device however. I would most definitely purchase the sunday ticket if available bc I love me some football.

  3. BeeGee says:

    If the NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS can all find a way to get their games on ROKU in 2011-2012, there simply cannot be a technological hurdle for the NFL. This is an administrative, contractual and/or monetary decision. But the bottom line is the NFL is the only major U.S. sport not on ROKU and they suck for not gettin’ it done.

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