Will NFL Sunday Ticket be on PlayStation or Roku ?

Readers of this blog know I’m a big Roku fan. When last year it was announced that NFL Sunday Ticket would be available as a stand alone product on PlayStation we rejoiced a cord cutter break-through. Even though very expensive it was a step in the right direction. It was also hinted at the time that we might see the NFL come to other platforms.

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In preparation for September 2012 I’ve been scouring the net for news of NFL Sunday Ticket coming to Roku. Bad news! Not only is there nothing about Roku, there is nothing even about the PlayStation deal coming back this season. Do a search and all you’ll see is stories from 2011. (If you subscribe to PlayStation and have been offered a renewal let us know)

Meanwhile , my contacts at Roku have told me that they’d love to offer NFL but don’t have the rights to it, and suggest we as consumers make our demands to the NFL directly.  Just how to do that will be a subject of a future post. Stay tuned!



Update 8-5-12: More up to date  info on subsequent blog post here.

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7 Responses to Will NFL Sunday Ticket be on PlayStation or Roku ?

  1. Cory Bill says:

    It is in Directv’s contract with the nfl that they must provide internet content for Sunday Ticket by 2012. What is unclear is if that means they must allow internet content without a Directv subscription. I have no problems with paying for NFL Ticket, I just don’t need the Directv subscription. Hopefully the NFL wakes up sooner rather than later on this one. It is outrageous that I can’t support my team because I grew up and moved on with my life (left home).

  2. Vic says:

    Hey NFL, I’m going to Roku before the 2012 season starts, with or without you !!

  3. Greg says:

    I used to be able to get most games streamed on Justin.TV on Roku, as a private channel, now their format has changed and I find no streaming for any good sports……WHAT HAPPENED?

  4. Wayne says:

    Officially left comcast and I haven’t missed it at all nba, mlb, NHL all have great options get the nfl and HBO on board and ill be golden if not then see you two when you come around.

  5. Elliott says:

    NFL Sunday Ticket is now being offered on ROKU, that is, as long as your device accepts streaming. That was the message I received on my 65″ Vizo UHD 4k TV after I logged in. I currently have a subscription and wanted to see if I could get it on my ROKU device.

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