Yes the 2013 Superbowl will be streamed live – but will Beyonce lip sync?

Update 2-4-12: A pleasant surprise. Reports say Alicia did NOT lip sync. Wow if true that was incredible live singing.


I haven’t worried too much about the cord cutting angle on this year’s Superbowl. It doesn’t take much work to find out that CBS will offer a live stream this year. And for many more details about Supbowl 2013 streams I defer to this excellent review by Janko at Gigaom.

And I really don’t care that much about Ravens or 49ers except that being on the West Coast it would be nice  to see a team from our side of the country win.

But what actually I find more interesting is the hoopla and big money that surrounds the Superowl and yes, whether or not Beyonce is willing and capable of performing the her half time show live – without the benefit of lip syncing. Well according to recent reports, despite the recent kerfuffle about her inaugural performance, Beyonce says she  will not be lip  syncing during the half time show.

Actually that’s not such a big deal. Why? Because the half time show is typically a muddy noisy mash-up with so many people on a movable stage that little slips get lost in the sauce. I didn’t even  know about Janet Jackson’s famous wardrobe failure in 2004  until I heard about it after the game.

What really takes guts – and talent – is to sing the national anthem live. In that couple of minutes you have the world listening to basically just your voice. This year we have Alicia Keys kicking off so to speak and my bet is that this performance is going to be lip synced.  Unfortunately I don’t see one of those novelty bets for that or I’d be putting some money down.  It will be easy to tell. Live performances seldom sound flawless. Lip synced ones almost always do.

Take this most famous performance by Whitney Houston in 1991 (embedded below). It’s perfect.  If Alicia sounds that impeccable she’ll be lip syncing. If she stutters a bit, drifts just a little off key, then that’s live, and that’s really what I’d like to see. Enjoy the game.


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  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for that almost relevant comment LOL. Sorry I had to delete your spam link. Have a nice day.

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